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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered some frequently asked questions. If the answer you are looking for is not on this page, please don't hesitate to contact us either via the 'contact us' form or through our Facebook or Instagram pages.

What is the best time of day for our photography session?

The best time of day for a photography session usually depends on what photo session you have booked. For any of our outdoor photography sessions, we like to stick to late afternoon/early evening (commonly referred to amongst photographers as 'Golden Hour'). This time of day generally provides us with lovely, warm lighting and beautiful contrasts between the shadows and the sunlit areas. We understand that this can be a busy time for people with children and so we are more than happy to work with you to find the time that best suits your family!

If you have booked an indoor session, such as a newborn or pet portrait, these are much more flexible and can be arranged for anytime throughout the day!

I have booked a newborn session, what do I need to have with me?
The very simple answer is; have whatever you need to keep baby and siblings comfortable. We bring along any props and wraps with us, so you just need to provide baby with nappies, bottles, wipes, dummies etc. 

How will my images be delivered to me?
Your images are delivered to you in an online gallery. We have found that there are so many options for printing photos these days that we don't want to restrict your choices by insisting that you only purchase a set number of images based on our 'package system'. This method of delivering images to you makes it incredibly easy for you to not only print your images but to also share them with friends and family. We have no download limits on our online galleries, which means that Grandma, Aunty and best friend can also download the whole gallery if they wish to.

We have an outdoor session booked but its raining! What do we do?
Unfortunately, being a primarily outdoor photography business means that the weather sometimes drives our sessions. If you have booked a session and the forecast has predicted rain, we will often wait until a few hours beforehand to determine whether or not we will need to reschedule. Oftentimes, the cloudy/stormy days make for the most interesting images! If we are unable to continue with your session because the rain is just to heavy, then we will go ahead and reschedule for the next suitable date.

We would love to include our that ok?
ABSOLUTELY YES! We are huge animal lovers and jump at the chance to spend some quality time with your furry family members! Bring along plenty of treats so that we can encourage your pets to perform when its time for their "close-up!'

*For the safety of our photographers, please ensure that your pet is comfortable with unknown people before booking a session with us.

I have booked a maternity session. Do you provide gowns?
Yes we do! We have a range of gowns that you can choose from for your session. It is recommended that we meet prior to your session for you to try on and select the gowns you would like to wear. In general, we suggest 2 maternity gowns per session. Alternatively, if you 'splashed out' and bought yourself some new fancy clothes, we are more than happy to photograph you wearing those. 

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