Indoor Photography

Outdoor and indoor photography are two very different options! So deciding which is right for you comes down to a few different reasons. Both have pros and cons, its just a matter of which suits your needs better and of course, which style you prefer!

Today I’ll be talking about the benefits of indoor photography. If you prefer the look of posed, formal photos then indoor photography will probably suit you best. We use artificial lighting, reflectors and flash photography to achieve a light and bright look. But, we can also alter the lighting for a darker, moodier finish depending on the project.

Indoor photography newborn
indoor photography headshot

Temperature Control

One of the biggest benefits of being indoors is that we are able to go ahead with a photoshoot at any time of the day or night, regardless of the weather! We have the ability to control the temperature as well as having access to creature comforts such as tea, coffee and comfy armchairs! If you have a new baby or young child then studio photography is worth considering. Young babies don’t have the ability to regulate their temperature in the same way that adults do. Photographing in our studio allows us to maintain an appropriate temperature throughout the session, therefore ensuring that your baby is as comfortable as possible at all times.

Indoor photography is also ideal for corporate photos, such as headshots. We are able to use lighting and suitable backdrops to achieve a professional looking finish without having to worry about weather conditions such as wind or rain. Indoor photography can be quick and easy so you don’t need to take too much time out of your busy day to get the corporate photo you’ve been needing. A controlled environment and more formal posing are the key benefits to indoor photography. Now that we have detailed these benefits for you, you can decide whether or not indoor photography is the right choice for you!