Photography Sessions – Studio VS Outdoor

So you’ve heard that we have an awesome new studio space in Wodonga for our indoor photography sessions.. Well we just wanted to let you know that we also love shooting outdoors. I’ll give a little insight into the difference between shooting photography in the studio vs shooting outside. It should help you decide which is the right fit for you. This applies to all of our photography sessions from maternity, family photography, engagement and newborns.

Photography Studio

Why choose a studio session over an outdoor session? The major benefit is that the studio is temperature controlled. This is particularly important for our newborn sessions but can also be beneficial during the winter months when we can’t get out to shoot nice sunny family photography. This also applies to the lighting. During winter the sun disappears very early in the day and we understand that many clients won’t be able to escape work early enough. With our studio lighting we can shoot late into the night to fit your schedule. A studio photography session is also great for privacy. This is generally more important for maternity photography sessions but may also apply to couples and families. Accessibility is an issue that doesn’t come up very often but may be a consideration to some people. For our older clients and the less abled, the studio is an easily accessible space.
We have a great range of backdrops and materials in our photography studio to meet different tastes. And it gives you the option of having either a set of photos with a uniform background or a range.
Studio photography is generally very posed and that suits some people better than others. And that’s really the most important factor to consider when deciding between indoor and outdoor photography.

Albury Wodonga Newborn Photography

Outdoor photography sessions are great for most sessions but not as ideal for newborn. Outdoor newborn sessions can be done if preferred but generally we choose indoor sessions to avoid the pesky bugs, cold air and lack of privacy. As mentioned, maternity sessions can be great indoors for a private, posed shoot. But there are also great benefits to shooting outside. The locations we can shoot maternity photography can make for some stunning backgrounds. The same goes for our family photography and engagement sessions. We love shooting family sessions outdoors where the kids can run around and be happy. It really does make for much better family photos when the kids are happy.
Our outdoor photography sessions are generally less posed and more candid and natural.
But the most important aspect to shooting outside is the natural lighting. We LOVE shooting in late afternoon warm light. If we could shoot all of our photography during the ‘golden hour’, we would be very happy photographers indeed!

Albury Wodonga Maternity Photography

So those are really the most important considerations when deciding where you would like your photography shoot. Just ask yourself: Do you prefer posed or natural photography? Do you also love that late afternoon light? Is privacy a big factor for you? What about temperature, weather and comfort?

Either way, we are very happy to shoot your photography session and we look forward to giving you a fun, positive experience wherever it may be.

Ryan – Full Circle Photography Albury Wodonga